Why Alistair is so loved




CONFESSION:  I don’t understand the obsession with Alister. The only thing he’s got going for him is his humor. He’s sappy, and if you think about it quite shallow for only staying with a noble human female.

1. Spelled A-L-I-S-T-A-I-R.

2. A lot of us see much more to him than just his humor. Alistair meme.

3. Sappy is in the mind of the beholder.

4. Breaking up with his girlfriend because his position as King requires that he marry somebody who give can give him children and satisfy the Bannorn is one of the most responsible and self-sacrificing things he does in the course of the game.  It’s only a very shallow analysis that doesn’t get that.

5. So play a Cousland.

6. Or harden him, develop your persuasion skills and become his mistress.

7. Or put Anora on the throne and let him stay with you very happily forever.

a) What clove said

b) If the OP can’t even spell the character’s name right, the submission SHOULD BE REJECTED


A reply from David Gaider regarding Alistair as King

Not if your goal is to marry the king of Ferelden, that’s true. Yet there are people who honestly believe they are being punished because they chose not to be human or a noble and yet are not given all the same opportunities that a human noble might have. There are consequences to that decision they don’t like (ie. which don’t lead to the happily-ever-after with Alistair), and thus they are wrong. Which I’m fine with. I can’t tell them what should be important to their own game, but I’ll never consider that an actual problem. ~ David Gaider, in response to a BSN comment that playing a non-HF who romances Alistair and kings him is not a “right decision” [x] (via kinlochhold)