Interview with Emily Dayton

Suicide is a long-term solution to a short-term problem.

Project Light to Life

Hi all! I want to give a big thank you to Emily Dayton for agreeing to do an interview with me. Emily began a suicide prevention movement, though they are not only a suicide prevention group, with her parents known as You Can NOT Be Replaced. At first, they ordered just 500 wristbands, but at their one year mark, they had over 14,000 wristbands circulating across the country. They run a very inspirational movement, speak at school assemblies, and do so much more. Talk about inspirational! Although September is suicide prevention month, I think that suicide prevention and Emily’s movement are important things to promote at any time of the year because you truly cannot be replaced. Please check out my interview with Emily below:


1. Can you tell me a little bit about the movement that you and your parents started and why?

The movement that my parents and…

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‘Dexter’ producers explain finale, defend final season

Probably one of my all time favorite shows ever. The writing, the cast, the directing was excellent. I will miss it. It feels like I left some good friends.
However, I have a feeling we will see Dexter again. They ended the series so they could be able to make a movie.

5 Ways to Write Like Your Hair’s on Fire

I wish I was as organized as you. My kids are 18 and 16 still here but I’m finding more and more time to myself.

Today's Author

writingI’m a very organized person. I like everything in its place, ducks lined up, no chance of interruptions, then I can get into my writing. I couldn’t find that sweet spot until my children had moved out because until that point, I’d drop anything when they needed me. I still do, but as adults, those times are more rare.

These days, I get a lot of writing done. My office is perfectly arranged. I have two monitors; one shows my writing, one my research. I have four back-up drives automated so I don’t worry about losing work. I have a fan I can turn on if it gets too hot. I have shelves of books right behind my chair–I swivel and I can find the description of Mt. Kilimanjaro I need for an article. To my left is a glass of ice tea, more a crutch than a thirst quencher…

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Conversion about Dragon Age 3 with my husband, as written by a tumblr blogger

Hubby: What are you squealing about?
Me: *glassy eyes* its so beautiful
Hubby: What is?
Me: Dragon Age 3, Morrigan is back!
Hubby: I don’t know who that is.
Me: Dragon Age origins you know that mage with black hair?
Me: Her mother is Flemeth?
Me: She can shapeshift?
Me: Come on you’ve seen me play Dragon Age a thousand times
Me: She doinks Alistair to save you before you go kill the archdemon the dragon guy
Hubby: OOooohhhhh yeah now I know
Me: Really? You can remember if she takes her clothes off
Hubby: You’re surprised?
Me: Point taken.

At least your husband knows what Dragon Age is

Holding the line: moodymarshmallow: nightquill: cheesiestart: ouyangdan:…






if u rly want to understand a girl do a playthrough of her favorite bioware romance option then u will understand her much better



Holding the line: moodymarshmallow: nightquill: cheesiestart: ouyangdan:…