Project #4 Almost finished, next step waxing

Project #4 Almost finished, next step waxing

Deciding the best way to finish painting the dresser actually ended up being harder than I thought it would be. The last drawer is not divided up into the same proportions as the top 3 drawers. There was also a decorative molding under the top 3 drawers. Believe it or not the answer came to me in a dream. This picture shows you what I decided to do.

I hope this finds a good home. It’s going to be the first item I actually sell. Previously, I have kept every piece I’ve worked on. So now I have to start selling the inventory I’ve collected or my garage/hobby space will begin the look like a used furniture store. lol


Project #4 in it’s sanded down form

Project #4 in it's sanded down form

This chest of drawers I got for $2 at my neighbor’s yard sale. I was really drawn to way each of the drawers are divided into 3 sections. Plus it rolls on coaster! Couldn’t wait to get started on this one