Follow your heart?

It’s so tough to try and figure out which way to go. I don’t even have my book finished yet and I’m working on building my social media platform. My daughter tells me, “Mom, don’t worry about the end, write the beginning.” Smart girl! Who raised her? lol

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Not long ago, I had a three book deal with a traditional publisher. Even though sales for the first book were great, they didn’t do anything to promote my second book and I decided to get out of my contract with them.

In the months since I launched A Long Thaw on my own, I’ve wondered whether that was the smartest way to go. Some writers I knew told me I was crazy to walk away and I wasn’t sure if they weren’t right. Other people encouraged me to “go with my gut” or “follow my heart”. I might have rolled my eyes at the platitude but ultimately, that’s what I did and I’ve been second guessing myself ever since. I wanted control over how my work was marketed but I didn’t really know if I could do it by myself. Back in March, I proclaimed to my blog audience…

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