Change is scary

Change is scary

Push through the fear, it will be worth it.


One comment on “Change is scary

  1. The uncertainty of future events brings with it an uneasiness of how it will effect me; fear is self preservation. When life pulls the rug from under me, why do I care so much about where I will land. When I hang on so dearly to the outcome of any given situation, what happens is… I get small and it gets bigger.
    Within the transitory nature of things there is infinite change. It can be debated that there are different levels of fear, however, there are not; fear is fear. Its the depth of my own experience, the smallness of my box, compelling me to analyze the seriousness of my pain, leading me to think its bigger… than it really is.
    Hindsight can be of benefit, when I’m able to see that in each and every situation, there was something for me to let go of, accept… love. Its a tuffy. But through perseverance, a desire of betterment, and God’s Hand hanging onto the other end of a thread I hang on to, I get to a place of peace in my own heart… where everything starts.

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