easily distracted: I just hit “surprise me” on the World of Thedas preview on Amazon



and got a page with a paragraph on Thedosian sexuality.

Thanks, Bioware.  I love you.  You know me so well.  XD


As near as I can tell, it reads:


What I find most interesting is that, despite the lack of open discussion on matters of human sexuality, there is commonality to be found on the subject in all Andrastian lands.

Typically, one’s sexual habits are considered natural and separate from matters of procreation, and only among the nobility, where procreation involves issues of inheritance and the union of powerful families, is it considered of vital importance.

Yet even there, a noble who has done their duty to the family might be allowed to pursue their own sexual interests without raising eyebrows.

The view on indulging lusts with a member of the same gender varies from land to land.  In Orlais, it is considered a quirk of character and nothing more.  In Ferelden, it is a matter of scandal if done indiscreetly but otherwise nothing noteworthy.  In Tevinter, it is considered selfish and deviant behavior among nobles, but actively encouraged with favored slaves.  Nowhere is it forbidden, and sex of any kind is only considered worthy of judgement when taken to awful excess or performed in the public eye.

-From In Pursuit of Knowledge:  The Travels of a Chantry Scholar by Brother Genitivi 

I think Bioware *does* know their fandom… a little too well. 😀

Wow! This fits with many of the stories I’ve read from the “Swoooping is Good” section in the Bioware forums. Well done writers who got it right.

easily distracted: I just hit “surprise me” on the World of Thedas preview on Amazon


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