What was your worst internet relationship experience?


Please reblog I had a horrible experience which I am still trying to write but the tears keep me from finishing. I will finish it and post it but am not ready yet. If you feel comfortable telling me something that happened to you maybe it will give me the courage to publish it. I’m sure what happened to me was do to me is not unusual. But I never considered myself a naive person. I alway know who did it on dateline, I know never give out personal info or naked pics, LOL I can tell on TV who did it. But this really throw me for a loop. I don’t think I will ever be the same.

There are many people I know only through the internet who I have come to care about and trust. If you’re getting this you are probably one of them. You have been very helpful with your answers to my last question. I thank you in advance as I know it may be difficult for you to respond.


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