If Tootsie deepened Hoffman’s regard for women, it lowered his estimation of his own sex. When he accosted his friend Voight at Manhattan’s elegant Russian Tea Room, Dustin reports that “Voight just looked through me. I was a 4, and he just wasn’t interested. That happened a lot with men, looking over my shoulder to find a prettier woman.” Hoffman insists that the rejection hurt. “Men are shits,” he says. He pointedly does not exclude himself. “It hit me when I realized that I wouldn’t take myself out or go to bed with me. Years ago I tried to go after the girls from Playboy and ignored the Dorothys of the world, who are brighter, funnier, because they didn’t fulfill a physical requirement. What a waste.”

One of Hoffman’s biggest disappointments was that he couldn’t, with all of Hollywood’s makeup expertise, make Dorothy beautiful. “She deserved it,” he says. “Once I saw that I was never going to be pretty, it was painful to me. Then I realized she was probably too old to have kids and I started to cry. I couldn’t control it.”

Dustin Hoffman  (via hammandbuble)


(via dontbearuiner)


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