Dragon Age 30 Day Meme, Day 4: Favorite Romance?

So this question made me think a little, because I really liked the option from Origins and I really liked the options from 2, and as you can see from my above pictures I couldn’t just pick one! It is a tie, between Zev and Al! They are both just so adorable and sexy in their own ways and their backgrounds and their histories are completely opposite  but they are both so appealing that I couldn’t pick between them! I do feel bad because Fenris is like a close second, I would have most assuredly picked Sebastian if he wasn’t all “I’m super chaste and what have any type of physical reactions to you”, his emotions were amazing but there were way too many of them for the cursed Chantry, blah!!! Anywho, going back to the “winners” something I really like about them is how different they are, Alistair is very naive and sweet and just fumbles his words when he is all flustered, ADORABLE! Then you’ve got Zevran, bad boy extraordinaire has no rules, most certainly doesn’t follow any, even if he did have them, has a very naughty sense of humor and uses sex as a means to an end, HAWT! P.s sorry if none of this made sense, I’m sure you can understand how hard it is to pick between these two or any other two that you’ve made a little spot for in you heart! Thanks for reading, will be updating soon to finally get back up to speed!  

I know. I was so bummed that AListair made me choose. But in one of my play- throughs Zevran said to me, “If we are not to be lovers are we at least to be friends”. And I didn’t take a huge hit in points with him.


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